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12 April 2008 @ 02:06 pm

Updated: October 13, 2008

Cream-Coloured Top with shimmer (my camera couldn't pick it up) and ties at the back. Can fit Medium/Large. Never worn. $12

Green Top with diamond print. Size Small. $6

V-Neck Hoodie Top. Long enough to cover your bum. Can wear on its own with jeans or leggings. Size Small. $12

Old Navy Striped Top. Alternate stripes are semi-sheer. Size Small. Never worn. $5

Purple Polo Top from H&M. Size Small. $5

Pink Shirt (those two small pink circles you see in the picture are actually plastic Flower buttons...really cute!). Size Small. $7

White Top from Jacob. Size Small. $6

Cute pink tank top from The Gap. Size Small. Worn once only. $6.

White Hollister Polo Top. Size Small. Inside of the collar has a cute pink butterfly trim. $5.

Light Blue Top. Size Small. $6.

Old Navy Orange Top. Size Small. $5.

Foreign Brand Pink Top. Size Small. $5

White Polo Shirt from H&M. Size Small. In excellent condition. $6.

Brand New Jacob Tank Top. Size Small. $5.

V-Neck top from H&M. Size Small. The shirt is made of a stretchy material. $5.

Black Top from Jacob. Never been worn, only washed. Size Small. The top is made of a stretchy microfiber material. $6.

Brand New Red Polo Top from Jacob Connexion. Size Small. Never worn. $6. [I also have this in Grey and Black if you are interested]

3/4 Length Top from The Gap. Size Small. $8.

Shrug from 579. Bought from stellardeals but too small for me. Size Small. $6.

Halter-style Tank Top from Nautica. Size Small. Bought it but never got the chance to wear it. It's just been sitting in my closet. $10.

H&M Green-Striped Top. Size Small. $6.

Brand New Hush Puppies Polo Shirt. It is a replica. Size Small. $10.

3/4 Length Grey Boatneck Top. Waffle Print. Size Small. Never worn. $6

Old Navy 3/4 Length Boatneck Top. Size Small. Worn once $6.

Clearance - Bargain Bin

Bright Pink/Fuschia Tank Top from RW&CO. Made of a stretchy cotton microfiber material that has some sheen to it - has the look of silk but it is machine washable! Size Small. $2 [I have two of these]

Pink Tank Top from RW&CO with built in bra inside. Size Small. $2

Any top for $3!

From Left to Right:
- Black H&M Top. Size Small.
- White Tee from The Bay with shoelace collar detail. Never worn. Size Small.
- Old Navy V-Neck Blue Tee with button detail on the collar. Size Small.
- Blue Bossini (Hong Kong brand) Tee. Size Small.
- Orange Boca Authentic Sweatshirt Top. Size Small.
- Lime Green Checkered Shirt. A bit faded. Size Small.
- Smart Set "Love Life" Tanktop. Size Small.
- Black Smart Set Tanktop. Size Small.
- Boat Neck Tank Top. Great for dressier occasions. Never worn. Size Small.
- Brand New Pink V-neck Top. Size Small.

marthecrazy on August 15th, 2009 06:35 pm (UTC)
I think that is a white aeropostale polo shirt, not hollister! lol