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12 April 2008 @ 02:03 pm

Updated: October 11, 2008

Floral Pants. Fall to the knee. Great as pj's! Size Small. $5

Capris from Bossini. Size Small. $8

Ralph Lauren Jeans. Size 6. Very new. Worn once only. $20.

Club Monaco Track Pants. Size Small. Has stretchy material in it. $10.

Gap Charcoal Grey Wool Pants. There is a small pink zipper on the bottom sides of the pants that you can zip up or zip down to create a slit. If you don't want a slit you just zip the zipper up. The zipper is sewn in such a way that it disappears when you zip it up. Size 6. $15.

Black Dress Pants from Smart Set. Size 6. $10

Light Green Checkered Pants from Bluenotes. Made of a stretchy material. Size 4. $10.

Charcoal Grey Corduroy Pants from Smart Set. Size 6. The pants look worn in the picture but they are not like that in real life. They were worn a couple times only so they are in great condition. $10

Corduroy Pants from Jacob. Size 6. Very new. Worn a couple times only. $10

Dark Blue Fleece Pants. Size Small. $6

Khaki Pants from Bossini (Hong Kong Brand). Size Small. The pants have a light checkered detail on it. $8.

Cargo Pants. Size Small. The pants have small buttons above and below the sides of the knees so you can adjust them to be shorts or capris (you simple roll them up and hook them onto the buttons). $8.

Vintage Adidas Track Pants. Size Small. $25